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The most customizable puzzle ever, as easy or as hard as you want. Start with an easy 3x3 puzzle with margin and gaps on to get familiar with a photo, then gradually increase piece count untill you solve 10x13 puzzle with 100% accuracy... or until it dawns and it's time to get ready for another day, whichever happens first :)

There are four different tracks you can take and each offers a unique experience. Having a margin on is like having training wheels on a bicycle — good to get you started, but soon you overgrow them. Gaps on the other hand can be as much of a hindrance as they are a help. The ultimate challenge is to solve a puzzle with a maximum number of pieces with both margin and gaps off.

On your way to the top, don't miss out the experience of playing with unusual settings. Solving a 10x3 puzzle without margin or gaps is a very different experience from solving the same puzzle with 4x6 pieces, with margin and gaps on.

You can keep as many puzzles "in progress" as you want. Every game you start is auto-saved. This game has no timer, but every move counts and the influence of luck is minimized.


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